Create your own masterpiece with ease


The latest addition to our site is a range of Plating Tools from Mercer Culinary. We these easy to use tools you will be able to create your own patterns and displays on plates giving meals a highly professional feel with ease. The first set of products in the range is Precision Plating spoons. Perfect for drizzling sauces, dressings and oils with precision. Some of the products in this section include the following:


    Saucier Spoon                                                                Precision Spoon



    Slotted Bowl Spoon                                                       Perforated Bowl Spoon 



    Solid Bowl Spoon                                                          Spherification Spoon 



All these spoons except for the Precision Spoon are designed with ideal balance for optimal control and feature satin finish handles to hide wear, Dual Micro-Serrations for better stability and 18/8 Stainless Steel. The Precision Spoon features an ergonomic, textured nylon handle and 18/8 Stainless Steel mirror finish bowl with taypered tip for precise decorating.



Next up is the Precision Plating Tongs. Designed with less tension to provide for greater control with more delicate foods. Stainless steel is heat-treated for greater spring back to keep their shape use after use. They are available in multiple styles and sizes including:


    Straight                                                                                     Curved Tip



    Fine Point                                                                                 Offset



    Flat Oval




Moving on we have the Silicone Plating Brushes, which are perfect for creating professional designs on plates with ease. An ideal size with superior balance, these brushes are easy to work with and provide excellent control. They are dishwasher safe and feature colour-coded tips and brush heads, textured handle, Food-safe silicone brush head, high temperature nylon handle and Heat resistant silicone. Some of the styles they are available in include:


    Saw Tooth                                                                                 Comb



    60° Angle                                                                                  5mm Round Arch





Finally we have the Silicone Plating Wedges, providing the right amount of flexibility to keep the wedge tip firmly against the plating surface for precise lines and patterns. They are Dishwasher Safe and feature Heat resistant, food-safe silicone, recessed thumb rest for comfortable grip and better control, tapered end for more precise patterns and colour coded for easy identification. Some of the designs available include:


    45° Angle                                                                                3mm Graduated Lancet Arch



    Saw tooth                                                                              4mm Square Notch



Both the brushes and wedges are also available in 6 & 8 piece sets respectively:


 Mercer Culinary have designed this range to allow you to create professional designs on plates that will bring a sense of class to any table whilst being extremly easy to use with the best materials and at the same time afordable. The whole range can be found by clicking on the following images.


Precision Spoons   Precision Tongs   Silicone Plating Brushes   Silicone Plating Wedges

              Precision Spoons                    Precision Tongs                      Plating Brushes                       Plating Wedges